Business Consulting

For over 30 years TSL has provided specialist ongoing financial, administrative and consultancy services to a wide range of corporations, organisations, charities, governments and high net worth individuals.

“We would like to strongly endorse TSL as an excellent financial services group who are particularly adept in the area of assisting in the management of Government investigations such as those initiated by the Competition Commission… TSL were able to meet extremely tight deadlines for immense and complex reports… assessed the data and provided excellent guidance on both strategic and tactical issues”


Sometimes you need to take action, review a division, restructure a business or respond to an external investigation, but you just do not have the spare manpower in-house to deal with it. Sometimes, even if you do have the people, politically the right answer is to have a third party review and report findings.

TSL has undertaken all kinds of projects and commissions from a wide range of companies and organisations over the years, from competition enquiries to closing unprofitable divisions, from setting up nationwide charities to helping restructure a government department after the fall of the Soviet Union.


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